Jacksonville, FL’s Happy Medium Books Café, an indie bookstore, makes buying books easy to order through Bookshop and audiobooks through Libro

Jacksonville, FL’s Happy Medium Books Café makes buying books easy through Bookshop.org and audiobooks through Libro.fm. Also, Miss Dana, the techie-smart new indie bookstore owner, offers a growing book inventory along with a cool Barista Café to enjoy while browsing our collection of books, gifts, and artwork. Whether you’re looking for an obscure or newly published book or audiobook, we have the resources and vet new releases daily to recommend for your reading pleasure.

Ask us about new book releases from award-winning authors and talented local writers

We not only have the hottest books, steaming hot coffee, pastries, gifts, and art around, we can indulge you even more:

  • Gift Cards
  • Kitschy Gift Bags, Mugs, Journals, Candles, and Tchotchkes you’ll love
  • Pick up the latest Bello Boopie card (Cards that don’t SuckTM)
“Books are uniquely portable magic.”

Stephen King

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