Happy Medium Books Café offers new and gently used adult and children’s books and a Barista Café in Historic Riverside, Jacksonville, FL

Happy Medium Books Café, a different kind of bookstore, offers a wide selection of new and gently used adult and children’s books and a barista café. Located in the heart of Historic Riverside (Park & King) in Jacksonville, FL, it’s more than a bookstore – it’s a friendly community hub for bookworms, casual readers, and coffee lovers. The woman-owned and operated bookstore and Barista Café was purchased in November 2023 by new Riverside/Avondale resident Dana Shutters, a retired teacher and librarian. Miss Dana welcomes all ages to visit and explore the broad collection of book genres by award-winning and rising authors, curated art by local artists, and unique gifts to grab-and-go – come on in, stay a while.

We welcome local authors, book clubs, and artists. Enjoy a barista’s steaming cup o’ joe from locally roasted coffee in our neighborhood café and choose a sweet delight from the wide selection of heavenly divine pastries, including gluten-free and vegan.


  • Sit comfortably and read a New York Times best seller or local author’s new book
  • Meet an old or new friend and network in our little community meeting house
  • FREE high-speed Wi-Fi available for remote workers/students–come on in!
  • Enjoy chatting with artists during an ArtTalk
  • Join in a gathering of new and old Book Clubs
  • Listen to authors during BookTalks and signings

Experience the friendly atmosphere in our cultural community and embrace the magical experience of reading as it ignites conversation. Come along with us on this great adventure.

How to get involved!

We appreciate your interest in placing your book in our bookstore. We support award-winning, local, and rising authors. Purchasing is based on various factors, including accommodation in our limited space. Factors include genre, customer interest, budget, publisher (Ingram) or self-published (on demand, limited stock, consigned), and price (negotiated). If you have a national publisher, we request a Media Copy for review. It’s helpful if you have a social media reputation or connection with one of the NE FL neighborhoods, which helps us to build community as we grow. If we decide we cannot carry your book, please know we respect your talents and hard work.

  • No books on consignment
  • Do not leave a book at the store unless it’s a free (see Book Donation)


Your books:

  • Should be discounted at our regular rate with Ingram (Ingram Spark as a paperback distributor) or another approved distributor
  • Must have a visible ISBN, as well as, the book title and author name on the spine
  • At an author event or BookTalk, books will be sold at the designator distributor price, unless other arrangements are confirmed
  • Are assigned a designated genre and may be seasonally highlighted and placed on our shelves at our discretion; BookTalks may include writing classes by an author
    Submit your request to us by email to info@HappyMediumBooksCafe.com
    • Subject line: Local Author Request
    • Name, phone, email
    • Title and author, ISBN, genre, short summary, publication date
    • Indicate your interest in a BookTalk or Book Signing.


We’ll get right back to you. Thank you!

We appreciate your interest in placing your artwork in our bookstore. We support award-winning, local, and rising artists in many mediums. Art is coordinated by the Jacksonville Artists Guild (JAG) or by the bookstore owner. Our display wall offers limited space, so we request you email us:


  • Subject line: Local Artist Request
  • Name, phone, email
  • Photo of the work
  • Title, medium, size, price (QR code, if you wish)


Our contract states we are not responsible for damage to your artwork in the bookstore. Also, we require you to sign in/sign out each piece for our files. Buying a piece is between the purchaser and JAG, unless otherwise detailed. When your transaction is completed, you must email the bookstore a confirmation of sale before we allow the purchaser to sign out the piece on your behalf or come to complete the sale in-house yourself. We do not take a percentage of any artwork sales currently. If accepted, we do ask for a high-res photo of each piece and a personal photo for social media posting. If we decide we cannot accept your artwork, please know we respect you as an artist and value your hard work. Thank you!

We encourage local authors to present a BookTalk, either individually or with a group of authors. Presentation times vary. We can with accommodate 40-50 (large meet/greet) or an intimate talk/Q&A, with an open Café and Barista items for sale. Once your book is approved for our bookstore, let’s chat!
We encourage local book clubs to meet at our bookstore – weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. We host our own branded book clubs and neighborhood book clubs. We can accommodate 12-24 + open Café’ and Barista with items for sale. Once approved, let’s work together to build community.

We encourage events at the bookstore. If you have an interest in our location, please call to make an appointment for a special meeting or event with Dana Shutters at info@HappyMediumBooksCafe.com to chat about the possibilities.

“Pop Ups” for expos, restaurant/bars, and community events benefit you and us. If you have an interest in a Pop Up, please call to make an appointment with Dana Shutters/owner to chat about the possibilities.

Thank you to the Jacksonville Artists Guild (JAG),
Jacksonville’s professional artists network,
for curating our Art Walls!


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Book Donations enjoy a 25% off coupon on your next purchase!

A woman-owned, locally operated Independent Bookstore